League Fees

Singles – $25
Doubles – $25 ($15 if playing singles)



Number of Matches – Your season will consist of 11 matches plus a chance to play in post season tournament play.

Match Date – Each regular season match on your schedule has a date associated with it.  Do your best to play your match during the week it is assigned.

Tennis Balls – Each weekly match has one player assigned to bring tennis balls.  This is indicated by a yellow tennis ball next to the designated players name.  If the tennis ball is next to your name you have been assigned to bring a can of balls for your match.  Please bring a new, unopened can of tennis balls to the match; you will be responsible for bringing balls for half of your matches.

Third Set – We are old school and would prefer to play things out like Isner would…however, we don’t want anyone spending that much time playing tennis in one set…it’s insane 🙂 – we do play out the third set as a normal set, no super tie breakers to 10 points.  That being said, if you agree prior to the start of your match you want to play a super tie breaker instead of a complete third set, that’s fine.  However, if no discussion happened prior to the start of the match and a disagreement occurs during the match, the default and expectation is to play out the set.  In some cases, players have argued, and then played a tie breaker and the next day emailed us to say they didn’t want to…in this case, whatever was happened on the court stands.  Communication is key, if you think you don’t want to play out a third set, talk to your opponent prior to the match.  Remember though, no one is obligated to play a tie breaker.

First Contact – Who is responsible for contacting whom?  Strictly speaking, the person who is assigned to bring the balls for the match is responsible for making contact. If you neglect to make contact, forfeits may be assigned to you.  However, in general, if you hit the website, then be kind and call or email your opponent for the current week’s match as soon as you can.

Match Delays – If you are unable to get your match played on the week it is scheduled, no problem!  You have two weeks after that week to get the match played.  Please enter the date you plan on playing the match as soon as you know!

Date Entry – You will notice that next to each match you play, there is a date box.  If you play your match on time, ignore it.  If you had to postpone, please put the date you plan to play that match in the box.  If you are past the week to play your match and have not input a postponed match date, then a forfeit may be assigned to the person assigned to bring balls.  Strictly speaking, postponed match dates are required to be input by the person assigned to bring balls, but either opponent can input that date.

Forfeits – If your match is unplayed 2 weeks after the week it was supposed to be played, a forfeit may be assigned to the player who was scheduled to bring balls.  If that is you and you made an attempt to play, but your opponent was non-responsive, send your commissioner (Vince or Erik) an email and we will handle those situations on a case by case basis.  Other forfeit scenarios are, being a No Show for your match, or being 20 minutes late for your match, at which time your opponent is free to leave.

Forfeit Limit – More than 2 forfeits will disqualify you from eligibility to play in the end of season tournament(s).  If you are assigned 4 forfeits you will likely be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.

Tournament(s) – You will get an email notification when it is time to start signing up for the end of season tournament(s).  If you are not in the top division, you will have a divisional tournament and have the opportunity to qualify for the main draw tournament (Top Division players automatically qualify).  You MUST RSVP to play in the tournament.

Other Information

Refund Policy – Once you’ve registered to play and paid online using Paypal, a credit card, or a check, there are no refunds.  If we can find someone to take your place in the league before the season begins we will refund your entry fee, but there are no guarentees.

Information – To view your schedule, edit your profile, or anything, you must logon.

Logging On —   Click the “log on” link which is located at the top right hand side of the website.  Please keep in mind that your username and passwords ARE case sensitive.

Forgotten Password/ID – Click the logon button on the top right corner of the screen, then click the “forgot your password” link.  Again please keep in mind, that usernames and passwords ARE case sensitive.

Edit Your Profile —  Go through the log on procedure.  Once logged in then you will click on “Welcome (your name)” button.  This will take you to your personal page where you can update your, picture, phone number, email address etc.

Courts – If you are new to the area or are looking for a place to play, click on the “Local Courts” tab on the website for a list of options in Lincoln or Omaha.

Ranking Points – The way point are calculated are as follows.  2 set win gets 14 points.  3 set win gets 12 points.  Match loser gets total games won not to exceed 8.